Upcoming teaser


Sorry for the lack of updates recently!

We’ve been busy putting together a new teaser for you guys. Something that sheds some light on the combat mechanics in Total Chaos. It’ll be dropping sometime in August.


We’ve finally got our miner buddy running in-engine. Currently sitting at 7k polygons! Still a bit of work to do to chop that down a bit. The texture and rigging are still being worked on (hence the disconnected tubing).

More updates soon!

Total Chaos article on GiantBomb

For those who didn’t see it, we were featured on GiantBomb yesterday! It has been over a month since the last video was released. Ravencode and I are working hard on getting a new one up sometime soon with some awesome new content! We’re hoping to show off some more of the city structure as a whole and the combat and AI system.

Here is a screenshot of what we’ve been working on!

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Smashing stuff!

Time for another update, our goal of Total Chaos is to make the environment as dynamic as we possibly can. We want players to have to search for the things that will keep them alive. What can hold a lot of things? A crate of course!


Using the nifty Blender plugin Cell-Fracture and baked physics, crates break apart realistically when smashed at the players menace. Its not the best system, unfortunately Doom 2 doesn’t have a real physics engine so all of this has to be pre-simulated, so if you smash a crate on a staircase, there will be obvious problems there. We have to design the levels in such a way that these limitations don’t become obvious.

We got a little carried away while testing these:

1 2 3 4They didn’t stand a chance!


About time!

We’ve been raving over the latest teaser release from the upcoming DOOM game revealed at E3 this week. I remember back in 2008 we were losing it over a logo reveal, never thought it would take this long to finally see the return of the mighty Cyberdemon…

Can’t wait to get modding on this beast when it comes out!

Combat Fridays #2, Mutant Progress

Not a lot happening in the way of combat this week, as we’ve been working hard on building up the city center. Ravencode has made some significant progress on the revamped mutant characters that roam the island.

MutantProgressThere will be multiple variants of the mutants depending on your location, this variant crawled its way out of the mining facility located on the east side of the island.

I’m currently working on putting together a new video showing more on how the combat system works in Total Chaos, may include a bit of crafting too! Stay tuned!