Mech intergration in Shotgun Frenzy

The Mech is finally up and running on the current code. Now all that is left is to test this beast out in a proper match. It is running off the old Tank code that was used in previous versions, but heavily tweaked to make it feel more polished. There is a Rocket and a Armor upgrade that can be purchased in the Marine Command.

Should be interesting seeing this thing run server-side… stay tuned.

Its like mega-textures…. but not really…

Been working on a couple of tools for Total Chaos to make things a little easier. One of them is this TEXTURES lump editor called Chaos Composite, which should be coming out sometime next month. It is built to handle insanely high resolution textures. The visual editor lets the user piece the texture together out of patches, then convert the representation over to code (or directly install it into the TEXTURES lump file if you are using a PK3 system)