Total Chaos Multiplayer stills!

A couple new screenshots of the latest code, nothing too much just yet, but much more on the way…

Shotgun Frenzy 1.3 is nearing!

Thought I’d upload some more screens from some of the new maps coming up.

We’ll be seeing the return of the Survival gametype in this update, will be bundled with 2 maps too!

Here is the full map list for the upcoming 1.3 BETA:

  1. CF01, War Machine
  2. CF02, District
  3. CF03, Checkpoint
  4. CF04, Return to Hell Island
  5. SD01, Hell Asteroid
  6. SD02, The Valley
  7. SF01, Refinery
  8. SF02, Wasteland
  9. SF03, Grid
  10. SF04, Hell Siege

Total Chaos tools, Texture sample

Example of what can be created with the ChaosComposite tool which we will be releasing in the near future, our texture editor for managing a similar method to mega-textures using the TEXTURES lump. Can support textures up to the limit of 8k, without costing a large chunk of hard disk space. A single texture is made up of about 10-20 different image files, but as far as we understand there is no limit to how many patches we can throw at one of these. Guess we’ll find out down the dev line…


The majority of our texture sources are from