Here we go again!

So far it has been a truly epic 12 hours of Shotgun Frenzy topping the server list, so it was expected that a few bugs would pop up, one of the most noteable been the ‘Final Struggle’ bug. Never fear, a patch is right around the corner, with a few extra additions that have been specificity requested by members of the Skulltag community. They have been listed below:

  • Dispensers, turrets and landmines to be added to the Armory for marines to buy
  • Price and damage tweaks on overpowered weapons
  • Score system from v1.1 added back in for mid-game researching
  • Mouse sensitivity for Commander reduced
  • That annoying tip beep has been changed to something less annoying
  • Tips no longer appear for player related information if more than 2 players are playing
  • Bodycount message on death from v1.1 is back
  • More powerful Airstrikes and Ion Cannon strikes
  • Increase to Afrit health (CF03 boss battle)
  • Map detailing optimised for better performance
  • Boss battles optimised for better server performance, also not impossible to beat
  • Disappearing skybox resolved
  • Endgame countup on monster kills sped up
  • Turret spawning fixed
  • Players can no longer go outside SD02 and SF03
  • Mechs no longer send players skyrocketing into the sky

This will be released shortly. In the meantime, a huge thanks to Konar6 and the Grandvoid servers!

Stay tuned, the update will be released shortly…

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