Patch 2 on its way

A few more game breaking bugs are creeping up which need to be squished, thus prompting a new patch to be thrown into production. Will be adding a few new bits and bobs to this one to keep it fresh. Should expect to see this drop sometime this week.

Here are some of the fixes that will be coming through (important fixes in bold):

  • Sandbags have correct construction message when built by commander
  • Improved AI Director
  • Backpacks now provide nails/razor blades for the Dualshot
  • Flamer fire burn time reduced
  • SSG and Quadshot have damage reduced for balancing
  • Ranks easier to obtain
  • Maps have properly placed teleporters, preventing teleporting in and running into the exit almost instantly
  • Survival Defender mode doesn’t reach higher ranked monsters
  • CF01 boss doesn’t end map
  • SF01 sector issues
  • Bosses that don’t suck (or battles that go on for too long)
  • Turret limitations for specific maps
  • Mech hud at end game
  • SF01 demon core invincible

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