There will be a 1.4!

Now with the Shotgun Frenzy 1.3 development drawing to a close, we’ll be releasing a 1.4 release of Shotgun Frenzy in about a month from now. Along with the usual bug fixes and balancing we’ll be working on several new maps and game types, along with the possible additional weapon backpack/vehicle or two! It’ll be […]

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Shotgun Frenzy Patch 2 is now LIVE!

The next patch of Shotgun Frenzy is now ready to download! Grab it here: (4.8MB) For those who are yet to download Shotgun Frenzy, you can get the master file, this is an all-in-1 package that contains the core files. Only get this if you DON’T have Shotgun Frenzy, unless you want to redownload content you […]

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We’re back, Woo-hoo!

We’re finally back online! Can’t really describe what went down, but somehow we’ve been offline for about a month. Never fear, we can finally get that new Shotgun Frenzy patch out, its a biggie. Currently we’re set to resolve all known issues. This may be the last patch for v1.3, from here the next update […]

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