There will be a 1.4!

Now with the Shotgun Frenzy 1.3 development drawing to a close, we’ll be releasing a 1.4 release of Shotgun Frenzy in about a month from now. Along with the usual bug fixes and balancing we’ll be working on several new maps and game types, along with the possible additional weapon backpack/vehicle or two!

It’ll be a full update, not just a small tweak, so expect to see a lot of new stuff coming to this mod in the near future!

Stay tuned…

ChaosComposite Alpha Release

Created this tool for creating large textures for Total Chaos, have recently recoded it to be less buggy and thought I’d release it to see if anyone had any suggestions/ideas for later versions.

It is currently in Alpha so a lot of features have been locked out.
Most notably the feature to save your texture directly into the TEXTURES lump file, which has been disabled incase it messes up your file, which wouldn’t be very nice at all.

You can generate a script and save it into your projects yourself.
Also patch styles/alpha settings are disabled for the time being.

There is a lot of work that still needs to be done, but might be useful for some of you out there.

Shotgun Frenzy Patch 2 is now LIVE!

The next patch of Shotgun Frenzy is now ready to download!
Grab it here: (4.8MB)

For those who are yet to download Shotgun Frenzy, you can get the master file, this is an all-in-1 package that contains the core files. Only get this if you DON’T have Shotgun Frenzy, unless you want to redownload content you already have, bahaha,

Here is the extensive changelog:

New Features & Tweaks

  • Improved boss and demon optermisation dependant on player counts
  • Ammo dispensers now act like stock pads in base/structures. Instant healing and ammo collection
  • Bosses revamped and vastly improved, no longer take forever to finish a map
  • AI Director tweaks for improved gameplay
  • Better demonic core damage message
  • Research is now displayed on purchase for all players
  • Ranks are easier to obtain
  • Maps have properly placed teleporters preventing repeating teleportation
  • Survival Mode now reaches higher ranked monsters (depending on player count)
  • Mech repair time reduced from 3 minutes to 2 minutes
  • Bullet proof windows in Command Center, now those pesky Cacodemons cannot kill the Commander


  • Money bags now give 3000 credits to the player, makes them a bit more useful
  • Annihilator’s give many more credits on death
  • All weapons balanced
  • Quadshot and Flamer damage reduced
  • Flamer burn time reduced


  • Possible fix for ” players can place dispensers and turrets into the doors of buildings and break them. Making the building inaccessible”
  • SF04 Mechs can now enter the Marine Command/exit mech
  • Money bags dropped by commander are working
  • SF01 demonic core fixed
  • SF01 sector door lock fixed
  • Mech hud now disappears at game end
  • Sandbags have correct message on construction
  • Backpacks now provide nails/razor blades for Dualshot

As usual, have fun and report in any glitches you may find!

We’re back, Woo-hoo!

We’re finally back online!

Can’t really describe what went down, but somehow we’ve been offline for about a month. Never fear, we can finally get that new Shotgun Frenzy patch out, its a biggie. Currently we’re set to resolve all known issues. This may be the last patch for v1.3, from here the next update will be a fully blown v1.4, if we need to cross that bridge when it comes up.

For the mean time, we’re now focusing on getting Total Chaos complete and out the door, we’re aiming to have it complete sometime this coming December.

Stay tuned, the patch will be online shortly!