Shotgun Frenzy Patch 2 is now LIVE!

The next patch of Shotgun Frenzy is now ready to download!
Grab it here: (4.8MB)

For those who are yet to download Shotgun Frenzy, you can get the master file, this is an all-in-1 package that contains the core files. Only get this if you DON’T have Shotgun Frenzy, unless you want to redownload content you already have, bahaha,

Here is the extensive changelog:

New Features & Tweaks

  • Improved boss and demon optermisation dependant on player counts
  • Ammo dispensers now act like stock pads in base/structures. Instant healing and ammo collection
  • Bosses revamped and vastly improved, no longer take forever to finish a map
  • AI Director tweaks for improved gameplay
  • Better demonic core damage message
  • Research is now displayed on purchase for all players
  • Ranks are easier to obtain
  • Maps have properly placed teleporters preventing repeating teleportation
  • Survival Mode now reaches higher ranked monsters (depending on player count)
  • Mech repair time reduced from 3 minutes to 2 minutes
  • Bullet proof windows in Command Center, now those pesky Cacodemons cannot kill the Commander


  • Money bags now give 3000 credits to the player, makes them a bit more useful
  • Annihilator’s give many more credits on death
  • All weapons balanced
  • Quadshot and Flamer damage reduced
  • Flamer burn time reduced


  • Possible fix for ” players can place dispensers and turrets into the doors of buildings and break them. Making the building inaccessible”
  • SF04 Mechs can now enter the Marine Command/exit mech
  • Money bags dropped by commander are working
  • SF01 demonic core fixed
  • SF01 sector door lock fixed
  • Mech hud now disappears at game end
  • Sandbags have correct message on construction
  • Backpacks now provide nails/razor blades for Dualshot

As usual, have fun and report in any glitches you may find!

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