Icon of Sin grows some legs!

A lot of new stuff is coming to the upcoming Shotgun Frenzy v1.4 release. We’re working on a few extra mini-boss monsters to help divide matches. One of these mini-bosses is a mix between the Cyberdemon and the Icon of Sin head. Every now and then in a match, one of these suckers will spawn in to stir things up a little. More info soon…

Dev Diary #1, Creatures of Total Chaos

So far we’ve only release a video showing two enemies. Mostly paranormal stuff you thought? There are some real non-paranormal creatures that are to be seen in Total Chaos. This is one we’re working on now, only known as a ravage dog. Trying to think up a few puzzles involving meat as a distraction, but we’ll have to see how we’re looking when we get this in game!

Expect to see some more content of this in action in the near future!

6 New maps coming to v1.4! 1 new game type

We’re currently working away at the new update for Shotgun Frenzy. We’re throwing in tons of new content, mainly been the new maps and game type, ‘Total Invasion’, which is a mix of SF and SD.

These maps have been designed around experiences on what is currently been played on servers. Have taken into account all the pros and cons of the map design and flow. Will also be making a few tweaks to current maps (mainly CF04) to make them a bit more tricky to finish alive.

In order to get the new maps working with current content, we’ve had to rename them all to get a better map order in place:

  • Combat Frenzy – CFTRN – Battle Train (new)
  • Combat Frenzy – CFWAR – War Machine
  • Combat Frenzy – CFDIST – District
  • Combat Frenzy – CFCHK – Checkpoint
  • Combat Frenzy – CFHELL – Return to Hell Island
  • Combat Frenzy – CFUND – Underground (new)
  • Survival, Defender – SDTWR – Lonely Tower (new)
  • Survival, Defender – SDAST – Hell Asteroid
  • Survival, Defender – SDVAL – Valley
  • Shotgun Frenzy – SFBRID – Bridge (new)
  • Shotgun Frenzy – SFREF – Refinery
  • Shotgun Frenzy – SFWAST – Wasteland
  • Shotgun Frenzy – SFGRID – Grid
  • Shotgun Frenzy – SFHELL – Hell Siege
  • Shotgun Frenzy – SF??? – Untitled new map (new)
  • Total Invasion – TI??? – Untitled new map (new)

An update of some kind…

Just popping in to say hi, and apologies for the lack of updates.
Been working on a few extra maps for the upcoming patch. Some really sweet stuff coming up! One of my favourite new maps, CF06 – Battle Train, pits players on a fast moving train through various types of terrain. The twist soon becomes apparent, when another enemy train follows along side yours, catapulting demons from it toward you. Its pretty bad ass! Can’t wait to get it running on some servers!

Stay tuned for some screenshots!