Dev Diary #1, Creatures of Total Chaos

So far we’ve only release a video showing two enemies. Mostly paranormal stuff you thought? There are some real non-paranormal creatures that are to be seen in Total Chaos. This is one we’re working on now, only known as a ravage dog. Trying to think up a few puzzles involving meat as a distraction, but we’ll have to see how we’re looking when we get this in game!

Expect to see some more content of this in action in the near future!

3 thoughts on “Dev Diary #1, Creatures of Total Chaos

  1. I hope the animation does not looks like the ones in the 3d models for doom.., anyway this is really amazing. Much better than I thought..

    • look hunters moon models, they are nice, but i think the only nice model in ds-models is cacodemon and demon (done by the same guy o_o)

  2. Wow! Finally i found that this mod/game is still in development! Tried following in all the time but seemed dead, finally a site to follow on. Btw really nice model, mind blowing considering this is ID tech 1 but im wondering also, these 2 videos showing enemies, were can i watch them? :s Really wanna see them!

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