Icon of Sin grows some legs!

A lot of new stuff is coming to the upcoming Shotgun Frenzy v1.4 release. We’re working on a few extra mini-boss monsters to help divide matches. One of these mini-bosses is a mix between the Cyberdemon and the Icon of Sin head. Every now and then in a match, one of these suckers will spawn in to stir things up a little. More info soon…

6 thoughts on “Icon of Sin grows some legs!

  1. hmm, just like doom monsters, i think you was going to put the model in the middle of sprite monsters (i don´t like that kind of mix)

    are you transforming it to sprite because you want special effects pré-rendered that the engine didn´t suport?

    • Not exactly. I’m horrible at painting these things, seems easier to make the one mesh, animate it once, then do all the sprite rotations off that with a render camera, rather than having to repaint the same thing 8 times per frame

  2. more monsters.. yahoooooooo!!! pls remove sandbags.. some idiots use it to block teleport and lag the server a lot!! =( pls!!! see u !!! and good work =)

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