3 thoughts on “A new screenshot from the Shotgun Frenzy v1.4 front

  1. Any idea of when the new shotgun frenzy is going to be released? 🙂 These levels have gotten old & really too easy. Single player is a good challenge though, especially in base levels where you’ve gotta take time out to build stuff. Shotgun frenzy is my single favorite wad.

    Also, do you know what could be causing server lag? The Grandvoid server is nearly unplayable due to lag (not just for myself), so I decided to host sfrenzy13. I dug up a dual-core 64-bit AMD 4000+ with 2 gig of RAM and a standalone nVidia PCIE video card from out of my basement, installed XP fresh, disabled all the unnecessary crap that sucks up CPU time, and have it set up as a dedicated game server. Running a system monitor on it reveals that the server is ~80% idle and is using just over a quarter of the available RAM, but the game is lagging and dropping people, even myself and I’m local to the server! (I thought it might be my ISP until I started dropping as well, which was not long after it was set up.) I tried a standalone NIC with a controller chip (not your $8 cheapie NIC) instead of the one on the motherboard on the chance it could be something in the network card/driver, but it made no difference. I’ve also updated my router to the latest firmware to no avail. Shotgun Frenzy is the only wad that seems to have issues, though none of the others have the sheer number of monsters either. There are certain specific times in the game that massive lag/drops are fairly consistent – beginning of hell siege, when the beholders are spawned around the base at the end of grid, pretty much all of war machine, etc. I’m at a loss to explain it, unless it’s something programmatic internal to the wad itself, and was wondering if you have any ideas or a possible fix.

    Finally, are you open to suggestions for the wad?

    • Always open to suggestions, thanks for your feedback and glad you enjoy the mod. 🙂

      As for the lag issues, it is something I’ve been struggling with ever since I started the mod. It is simply a case of going through the source ACS code/DECORATE scripts and optermising the files. I’ve tried this in the past, have even reprogrammed the entire mod from the ground up 3 times, it has gotten better than what it used to be, but there are still issues on some systems.

      Also the fact that there are at times 350-400 monsters at once in the map doesn’t really help. It is something that will improve on every update, but unfortunately it isn’t something that can be easily/quickly fixed :/

  2. itd be cool to have a mode where its just the zombies and ure stuck with beginner weapons ive always enjoyd the first 2 waves when ure stuck with pistols and its a wave of hundreds of zombies all at once

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