New Total Chaos screens!

Apologies for the lack of updates lately, been working hard on getting Total Chaos into a nice playable state for a new video. Here is one of the first rooms in the mod the player passes through, revolved around a church/hotel setting. The initial 10 minutes of the mod serves as a suspense filled exploration of the […]

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Chaos Composite 0.1.2

Hey there, Been a while since I’ve updated this tool. Many neat features coming in this addition, as usual, I recommend you back up your TEXTURES script file if you wish to use this in your projects. There is a function that generates a script in the tool which is the safest option, but since […]

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New map coming to 1.4

This TNT inspired map tosses the gameplay style around quite a bit in the upcoming Shotgun Frenzy 1.4 patch, throwing demons from all directions into a central sector battery. Still no release date for the upcoming patch, but its not too far off…

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