New map coming to 1.4

This TNT inspired map tosses the gameplay style around quite a bit in the upcoming Shotgun Frenzy 1.4 patch, throwing demons from all directions into a central sector battery. Still no release date for the upcoming patch, but its not too far off…


6 thoughts on “New map coming to 1.4

  1. Please don’t take the length of this list as criticism of the wad. The only reason it’s so long is because I play it so much. πŸ™‚

    1. Maybe scale the number and/or type of monsters spawned to how many people are playing? After 3 people who are semi-good, it’s really not challenging anymore. Two players is probably optimal for best fun/challenge balance IMO, though they are definitely all winnable playing solo.

    2. What about allowing for control of upgrade order in CF/SD levels? Ammo backpack is cheap, useful, and one of the first things I get in SF levels, but it’s one of the last upgrades the computer does.

    3. More delay is needed on SD levels between waves.

    4. What about making turrets blocking to projectiles? Right now, if a monster aims at something past the turret, the rocket/fireball/whatever passes right through the turret and hits the target. It’d be nice to be able to use them as cover for both yourself and the battery.

    5. There really needs to be something more to spend credits on. Possibly continually upgraded backpack capacity, extra armor, more advanced turrets, etc?

    6. Alarm goes off randomly when nothing is near the battery of the currently active sector.

    7. When the guardian appears, the teleporter stops working. This is especially annoying when you haven’t lost a single battery and need to run for 20+ seconds just to find the action, after running into the teleporter out of habit.

    8. What do you think of allowing the commander to activate power-ups on players deloyed in the field?

    9. Can there be hotkeys added that would activate specific items instead of having to scroll through list all the time? When in the monster-mosh-pit, it’s hard to scroll through the items to find what you want and activate it in time to avoid death.

    10. Can something be added that would show the number of deaths and kill-to-death ratio for each player on kill screeen? The raw number of kills only partially reflects the skill of a player, but it’s all we’re given. Plus, it would provide some good feedback on what tactics work better than others. Even if it’s only available for yourself, it’d give a benchmark of how good a player you are.

    11. Less intrusive power-up/upgrade notifications would be appreciated. Having them as big as they are covers up enough of the screen to make dodging problematic at best. Most of the time, I die when upgrades happen because I can’t see where the projectiles are for 2-3 seconds.

    12. Players can get stuck in the doors of the genetics lab/armory at times. The doors also tend to malfunction, requiring the player to back up, wait for it to reset, and then approach the door so it’ll open.

    13. Maybe there was a good reason to remove it, but could the item to restock ammo be put back in?

    14. What do you think about adding a stability sphere to eliminate archville bounces/rocket ping-pong?

    15. FLAW – Some assholes enjoy building huge piles of sandbags across the teleporter or in areas where they obstruct the players. Could they be eliminated entirely? (Assholes as well as the sandbags, if you can find a way to prevent them from connecting… πŸ˜‰ ) Generally, whenever more than half a dozen sandbags are built, they become lag-bags and cause massive lag in the gameplay. Similarly, I’d suggest a cap on how many turrets can be simultaneously contructed.

    16. EXPLOIT – A player can join, buy a bunch of turrets/dispensers, then join the spectators, join the game again, and repeat. This produces turret spam, which while there’s no real problem with it technically, I feel it violates the spirit and point of the WAD. Unfortunately, I have no solution for it.

    17. EXPLOIT – I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but berserk 4x stacks when more than one is activated. I noticed this when attacking the demon core with a constant-rate weapon; activate 3 berserks and watch the core’s HP plummet!

    18. EXPLOIT – Again, I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, and I hesitate to even bring it up because it kicks so much ass. But it’s possible to get a mech-gun outside of the mech interface; having the agility/speed/perspective of a marine with the weaponry of a mech is freakin awesome! (Which is why I hesitate to mention it – I freakin love the mech gun while still being able to dodge effectively.) Mechs are great, especially used strategically with mid-level walls, but the mech gun with the marine perspective is just plain awesome.

    19. BUG – Summoned creatures are both useless from a combat point of view and more often than not make the guardian never appear.

    20. CF01 – The entire level lags, then is OK for a while, then lags again. This continues for the entire level. Great layout, but nearly unplayable. Wasn’t like this in the last version.

    21. CF02 – In the first sector, I believe that the blocking wall should be extended so that random bullets from the spawn area are unable to hit the battery.

    22. CF02 – The guardian is exceptionally laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame. (Pun intended. πŸ˜‰ ) Seriously, half a dozen turrets defeat the aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa guys without trouble. It is a good opportunity to go to the bathroom, get a snack, etc, but is otherwise quite boring.

    23. CF02 – I think that the teleporters at the bottom of the ramps should be removed. Players are always telefragging others and/or bumped back to the beginning because of the anti-telefrag code. Having a single teleporter at least makes it easier to see if somebody is right ahead of you. (CF04 already has a single teleporter to the action.)

    24. SF04 – The beginning of this level lags severely and nearly always drops people with a missing packet notification.

    25. Sometimes, people now still get stuck on the teleporter pad without being able to move. I had an idea to all-but eliminate telefrags and remove the anti-frag code at the same time, but do not know about how feasible it would be in the game. Why not simply have the destination be elevated so that people will immediately fall out of the way?

    Does the ACS scripting you refer to happen on the server, client, or both? (I’m still trying to understand where the bottleneck is.) My initial guess is that the majority of it is on the client since the server is so idle when the players are so lagged, but my laptop is sometimes relatively idle when I experience lag in the game, so I don’t know what to think. Is there a reference guide to the ACS and decorative scripting? How does one objectively test the efficiency of a piece of code like this? Finally and most importantly, would you like help optimizing the code? Coworkers used to make fun of me at my last job because of the effort I’d put into making my apps as small and run as fast as they possibly could, even if it meant spending much more time in development/testing. (Not saying I could solve the problems, but that I’d be willing to look at it and at least contribute ideas. I once replaced 6 pages of a co-workers program with exactly 12 lines which not only did the job faster, but better and was more flexible as well. πŸ™‚ )

    Finally, who is Daniel Handson?

    • Great list, working through it now. May get back to you on a couple of things.
      Also it was a in-joke on the dev team, really need to change that =/ He lit something of mine on fire once.

      • LOL – that’s hilarious! There was a guy at the last place I worked who gave another guy crap for so long that the second started a newsgroup with the first’s internet alias dedicated to perverted gay porn. By some fluke of the internet, it took off and still existed when I left the company years later.

        I’m happy to hear that you like the list; took my time trying to think of ways to make the game better, describe everything in detail, etc. Feel free to contact me about any of em.

        I’ve got #26 – happened the other night. We were in SF03 (I think – it’s the one with the big outside halls on either side to begin with) and the monsters broke into sector 4 right before the guardian appearance message. The team beat them back and reclaimed sector 3. However, because the guardian appearance message came up, the teleporter had been shut down and since the sector had been reclaimed, the doors were shut. There was no way out of the base.

        Finally, I also noticed about the server now wanting a password. I’ve left my server up so that people can play, though the lag is frustrating. (More-so then on the Grandvoid server because it’s my equipment and I can’t find a way to fix it. 😦 ) Last night, somebody was saying that Grandvoid was going away permanently – don’t know if it’s true or not though.

  2. Wow… looks great and can’t wait for play it.. please hurry!!!!!!!!!!
    Now server ask me for password 😦 WTF!
    yes.. i agree.. remove sandbags TOTALLY FOREVER AND EVER!!!
    Adios πŸ˜›

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