Chaos Composite 0.1.2

Hey there,

Been a while since I’ve updated this tool. Many neat features coming in this addition, as usual, I recommend you back up your TEXTURES script file if you wish to use this in your projects. There is a function that generates a script in the tool which is the safest option, but since its alpha, anything could happen…

New features:

  • Project Settings menu to locate your texture files
  • Layer menu fully operational
  • Can now save out to your projects TEXTURES.txt lump directly

As usual, source code is included. Both ZIP files can be found here, enjoy!

Windows bin:
Source code: 

Let me know if you find any bugs…

3 thoughts on “Chaos Composite 0.1.2

  1. My opinion

    Is pocible to put an button called import textures.txt and import textures folder? because i got a bit confused with your method (i tried other folder but didn´t work =/)

    2)the program is slow? because i spend 3 minutes and the mensage “reloading mensages” is still showed =/

    • Hey ibm, at the moment you can import your textures through the ‘Project Settings’ button in the top menu. Link your textures folder and textures.txt file in here. I do recommend you back up your textures.txt file first, since this is still in Alpha, there may be unpredictable results.

      I’ve been using it on Total Chaos so far and I haven’t encountered any misfortunes, so it should be fine.

      As for the lag, if your texture folder has been set up correctly, this will depend on the speed of your machine and the size of your textures. I’ve found if I have lots of high resolution textures, it will slow down quite a bit.

      • i7 2,6GHz, 4GB ddr3 1333MHz. it doesn´t have so many texutes, for now i like the slade3 textures editor, but the scale of the textures are saved with ‘,’ and not ‘.’ i don´t know why gzdoom can´t read ‘,’ xD
        I´ll try again the Chaos Composite 0.1.2 =D

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