New Screenshots

Another batch of screenshots from the latest progress. Been working on AI and inventory items, a couple of which can be seen in these screens. Special thanks to Caleb Sawtell for his assistance on finally getting a hand model/texture on the character!

5 thoughts on “New Screenshots

  1. These screenshots make me want to play even more than I already did. It feels like Amnesia and Penumbra combined into an awesome amalgam of epic proportions! It’s both classic in feel and original in concept. I love it! Also, on a side note, are you using a custom GZDoom/Skulltag build to get these effects, and if so, will you make Linux and Mac builds?

    • Hey Aaron, just standard GZDoom/Zandronum builds, doesn’t require a costume build. However all the DOF, bloom effects are rendered through GZDoom with a OpenGL DLL hack, not sure if this works under Zandronum yet.

      • Hi, I was the one that told you about the DLL, it works fine with Zandronum and you can get it in the software renderer too with a little trick

      • Linux uses .so files instead of .dll files, which means that the .dll source would have to be compiled under Linux before I can use it.

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