New TC video coming next week!




A new video will be out next week demonstrating some core game play features, new enemies and new visual features (including 16x motion blur!) Rock on!

5 thoughts on “New TC video coming next week!

  1. Motion blur ? Usin extra OpenGL shaders in gzdoom or haxing gzdoom engine itself ? :0 Can’t wait for that! Looks so cool

      • I know this may way too much to ask for, wadaholic. But is there any way you could show me how to do advanced HDR? I really like your work, and I want to learn from a experienced doom modder. I use a doom2 Iwad and GZDOOM. I’d really appreciate a reply, my friend.

        – Hinari

    • Not in the end, it wasn’t very good. It was a procedural approach and the gameplay didn’t really work. Instead it’ll be remade off the Doom mod when its done, hopefully not in 2063 😛 I am one dude so I wish I could get it out sooner, but real life stuff keeps getting in the way :/

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