Total Chaos, Overgrowth Teaser

Finally! New video out, still a work in progress (lol @ the ‘hmmpth’ Doom sound in there), and the inventory screen is still being worked on (its a tad ugly)…

The mod is an open world RPG/FPS where players must use their wits as their weapon, using hazards in the environment to defend themselves and outrun the enemy. No guns. The mod takes place on a concrete island very similar to Battleship Island. The more familiar you become of the island, the more chances you have of surviving. No release date yet, as usual -_- but it aint going away! Demo soon…

4 thoughts on “Total Chaos, Overgrowth Teaser

  1. Golly! That’s impressive. Minor gripe with the repetitive footstep sounds, but excellent otherwise so far. Just a few questions:

    Can/will the effects be able to be toggled via custom options?

    Will this mod, including the GL modifiers work under Linux?

    And if possible, will you implement per-material footsteps?

    Many thanks in advance.

    ~A fan.

    • Hey thanks for the feedback 🙂

      – Configuring the effects will be managed with both console commands and a launcher that will swap out certain packs for varied resolutions. Unfortunately I’m not currently aware of any ways of modifying the options menu to allow it to be changed in there :/

      – It should work for Linux, however I cant tell till I get the Beta out. Will find out then 😉

      – The footstep code is still being worked on, there will be different sounds on different surfaces… eventually 😀

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