Burn it all!

Been spending most of my day coding up some spiffy fire dynamics on the props littered around the environment of Total Chaos. If players get their hands on a lighter, a box of matches or even a flare, they can light fires around the environment, and with all that grass scattered around, the fires spread like crazy!


Lighting fires is one way players will be able to defend themselves. Lure incoming enemies to a nice trap of dry grass, old wood and maybe a few petrol cans, then set the place ablaze!

There is still plenty of work to do on the particle effects, and the majority of the props will require several burn model/texture variations to be made before the effect completely sells.

shot2 shot3 shot4

Lighting fires can also be used to remove obstructed paths and can even set off sprinkler systems indoors.

The fire itself is simply a set of animated sprites of a pre-cached/rendered fluid simulation:

3 thoughts on “Burn it all!

  1. I believe that the player should be able to defend him/herself with more things from the environment. Bricks, pipes, large wooden branches, rocks… You get the idea, items that you’ll use only one time and then haul ass. Now I know that this is very much in development, and that you may already be planning this, I’m just trying to help by giving more ideas. This whole fire idea is quite alright, if not a tad too chaotic. But after all, the wad is called Total Chaos.

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