Combat Fridays #1: Hands on!

Its Friday! We’ll be dedicating this weekend to crafting view models of various items and weapons you can find in Total Chaos. From bricks to brooms, our goal is to make almost any single-handed item in the environment wieldable by the player. handy First on the list of stuff to tackle are the portable light sources. There are various events in Total Chaos which will result in the player losing light, weather it be a power cut or the setting sun plunging the streets into darkness, you’re going to always want something on you, before whatever lurks in the shadows hunts you down!


One of these sources is a pocket lighter. Its not the most ideal thing to use, its flame is sensitive and nearby wind sources or running can blow it out, but it only takes up a single cube in your inventory! hand

Work In Progress – Lighter texture and thumb fix pending

One of the biggest challenges with this is trying to find a way to emulate the light flicker on the view model, currently our texture pipeline includes baking the lighting and ambient occlusion into the texture, but swapping multiple textures just for the lighting is not the most ideal method for performance. Hopefully by the end of the weekend we’ll have a solution!


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