Combat Fridays #2, Mutant Progress

Not a lot happening in the way of combat this week, as we’ve been working hard on building up the city center. Ravencode has made some significant progress on the revamped mutant characters that roam the island.

MutantProgressThere will be multiple variants of the mutants depending on your location, this variant crawled its way out of the mining facility located on the east side of the island.

I’m currently working on putting together a new video showing more on how the combat system works in Total Chaos, may include a bit of crafting too! Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Combat Fridays #2, Mutant Progress

    • Thanks! Unfortunately it won’t be this kind of resolution, this is a high resolution model of the mutant made in ZBrush.

      Its a couple million polys, so it’ll need some downrezzing before it can work in game, we’ll be using the high resolution data to bake several image maps.

      We’ll be posting some screens soon showing just how snazzy he’ll look in engine.

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