Smashing stuff!

Time for another update, our goal of Total Chaos is to make the environment as dynamic as we possibly can. We want players to have to search for the things that will keep them alive. What can hold a lot of things? A crate of course!


Using the nifty Blender plugin Cell-Fracture and baked physics, crates break apart realistically when smashed at the players menace. Its not the best system, unfortunately Doom 2 doesn’t have a real physics engine so all of this has to be pre-simulated, so if you smash a crate on a staircase, there will be obvious problems there. We have to design the levels in such a way that these limitations don’t become obvious.

We got a little carried away while testing these:

1 2 3 4They didn’t stand a chance!

3 thoughts on “Smashing stuff!

  1. Why do a baked physics for breakage, when you could save each fragment, and make it so the pieces are little individual things, with the models of the fractured crate assigned to them? You could have the pieces either stay, or eventually fade away, and wouldn’t look nearly as bad on stairs. If this is not possible, or if it’s too resource intensive, I’m not gonna complain, but I thought I’d throw that out there. :3


    ~a fan

    • It is possible to do it this way, but the results don’t look as pretty in motion. We may do a method using both separate chunks and the animated sim, but we’ll see how we go 🙂 Still a lot of particle effects we need to add to this.

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