Upcoming teaser


Sorry for the lack of updates recently!

We’ve been busy putting together a new teaser for you guys. Something that sheds some light on the combat mechanics in Total Chaos. It’ll be dropping sometime in August.


We’ve finally got our miner buddy running in-engine. Currently sitting at 7k polygons! Still a bit of work to do to chop that down a bit. The texture and rigging are still being worked on (hence the disconnected tubing).

More updates soon!

Total Chaos article on GiantBomb

For those who didn’t see it, we were featured on GiantBomb yesterday! It has been over a month since the last video was released. Ravencode and I are working hard on getting a new one up sometime soon with some awesome new content! We’re hoping to show off some more of the city structure as a whole and the combat and AI system.

Here is a screenshot of what we’ve been working on!