Light up the place!

Recently added flares to the inventory. These can be used to light up the area and potentially light fires in the environment.


Had a big lighting challenge getting these to work. The lighting gets clipped at a certain value. We worked around this by adding several additive sprites to get a more glowing result.

flare3Threw the mutant in to see how it lights in the environment. I think this light show made him grumpy…


Status Update #1


A lot has been going on under the hood recently. We’ve revamped the entire inventory system and have started working on a new AI system to replace the default Doom one.

Today we’re happy to show off a new crafting system we’ll be incorporating into Total Chaos. Most of your weapons will have to be built out of scrap and spare parts. You’ll be lucky to find a pickaxe in perfect condition lying around, you’ll have to scavenge the environment to find the parts for it, then its on to crafting!


We’re hoping to make the crafting system as simple as possible. You could just randomly drop items into the window and hope for the best, but we’ll be scattering blueprints around the world to guide the player on recommended builds, and to get the best out of the scraps they’ve found lying around.

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