Hello 2015

Thought I’d post another progress update to bring in the new year, even though its almost 2 months since then… better late than never!


A lot of progress has been made to expanding the city environment. The mod will be split up into several hub areas (separate levels). This allows us to make areas much more densely populated than having everything in a single map as we originally planned.

Oh crap, they run now!

Also, it seems we have gone beyond the level unit bounds with the map size. The standard level compilers are no longer working with such a large map size!

The city will split up in to 4 unique areas which we are preparing to announce. The first area in which the player starts in is currently known as Claw, it is planned to be on the southern end of the island.


Here are a couple of screenshots. These are still major works in progress. It is all looking quite samey in its current state, but we hope to add more landmarks and many more details in the coming months.

Check out more screenshots below…

01 02 03  05 07 08
The view from the editor, missing a few trunks somewhere… need to fix the MODELDEF

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