Status Update #3: Pushing things to the limit


This week I’ve mainly been working on the AI and building up the island. It is rapidly growing in size.

The original island we had planned out would take a player 8-9 minutes to walk from one side to the other without running into any obstacles. We’ve made some revisions to this over past 6 months and the latest layout revision is expected to be 3 times the size of that!


The latest AI system is getting there. The mutants can now run and brake when they get close to you. I had a play around with the density of the mutant hordes to see how much the system can handle before the frame-rate started to drop below 60. The answer is… well, quite a few!

3 thoughts on “Status Update #3: Pushing things to the limit

  1. I got curious about the AI? Is this a kind of mix of decorate/acs?
    Well, still zandronum is abit limited about decorate stuff…

    But ofc, this must not be like a “monster” that I made that’s 100% acs and not a single decorate was added hehe

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