October Arsenal Update

Lately we’ve been expanding the weapons used in Total Chaos. This week, we’ve been putting together the trusty old bottle.

Primary attack allows you to swing the bottle, upon hitting an enemy or surface, it will shatter, allowing you to further stab the enemy to their demise.


Bottles can also be thrown to distract your enemy (or to bonk them on the head).

You can also craft bottles into Molotov cocktails.

bottle(bottle artwork placeholder)

With this, we’ve also been expanding our fire system. The majority of objects in Total Chaos will be flammable, allowing fire to spread across a large area over time.


We’re working on adding petrol cans that can be carried with you, allowing you to pour a stream of flammable liquid to set up traps on unsuspected foes.

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Status Update #5: Coastal map, Chompers and Knifes


This week we’re announcing (officially) the dog enemies that roam the island. We’ve dubbed them Chompers. Mutations caused by living on the island have caused them to loose their sight, although they can still smell and hear their prey.


Why have we called them Chompers you ask!? Its definitely not because they’ve grown a few extra mouths…

You will either have to sneak past them, lead them towards a Shadow Crawler lair and have them take care of it, or take advantage of their sense of smell and leave them a nice slab of poisoned meat.

Lately we’ve been polishing up our coastal based level which serves as an introduction to the island of Fort Oasis, before entering the more open areas of the island. Check out the screenshots below…..

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The Shadow Crawler

The island has a large catacombs complex that we’ve been fleshing, which closely resembles the Odessa Catacombs.

In there, you will encounter a new enemy we’ve been working on, which we’ve dubbed Shadow Crawlers.


These guys are found early in the game when the player is tasked with travelling through the catacomb complex with nothing but a map, pickaxe and a small lighter. You will either have the option to run or take them down by using the catacomb’s weakened support structures, however doing so will attract more of these badies to your position.

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