The Shadow Crawler

The island has a large catacombs complex that we’ve been fleshing, which closely resembles the Odessa Catacombs.

In there, you will encounter a new enemy we’ve been working on, which we’ve dubbed Shadow Crawlers.


These guys are found early in the game when the player is tasked with travelling through the catacomb complex with nothing but a map, pickaxe and a small lighter. You will either have the option to run or take them down by using the catacomb’s weakened support structures, however doing so will attract more of these badies to your position.



The process in creating these dudes starts with a sculpt in either ZBrush or Blender (depending on which artist is creating the asset). Once the high resolution mesh is complete, it is re-topologized into a lower resolution for rendering in GZDoom/Zandronum (this is a common process for creating assets in any other engine).

The high polygon data is then baked into the texture through ambient occlusion, then Richie does a texture pass on top of this.



We’re looking forward to showing you some more content on the Shadow Crawler in a couple of weeks with some new gameplay footage (finally!)

Our current goal is to release the mod early next year which is coming up fast! We’re nearing our first Closed-Alpha of the mod, so expect to see plenty of more content updates coming your way!

6 thoughts on “The Shadow Crawler

  1. More humanoid enemies huh? If you want some advice I recommend making some non-humanoid enemies, some twisted horrific monstrosities to really spook the player. So far all I’ve seen are just naked dudes with some fucked up faces. As Outlast taught me, that is only scary once.

  2. I didn’t see this coming!

    In another words: The first image made me jump, when I checked if any progress has been made!

    Can’t wait!

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