Status Update #5: Coastal map, Chompers and Knifes


This week we’re announcing (officially) the dog enemies that roam the island. We’ve dubbed them Chompers. Mutations caused by living on the island have caused them to loose their sight, although they can still smell and hear their prey.


Why have we called them Chompers you ask!? Its definitely not because they’ve grown a few extra mouths…

You will either have to sneak past them, lead them towards a Shadow Crawler lair and have them take care of it, or take advantage of their sense of smell and leave them a nice slab of poisoned meat.

Lately we’ve been polishing up our coastal based level which serves as an introduction to the island of Fort Oasis, before entering the more open areas of the island. Check out the screenshots below…..


coast3 coast4

We’ve expanded our weapons system to now allow for weapons that can stab. The latest weapon we’ve added to the arsenal is the good ol trusty hunters knife.



Stay tuned!

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