October Arsenal Update

Lately we’ve been expanding the weapons used in Total Chaos. This week, we’ve been putting together the trusty old bottle.

Primary attack allows you to swing the bottle, upon hitting an enemy or surface, it will shatter, allowing you to further stab the enemy to their demise.


Bottles can also be thrown to distract your enemy (or to bonk them on the head).

You can also craft bottles into Molotov cocktails.

bottle(bottle artwork placeholder)

With this, we’ve also been expanding our fire system. The majority of objects in Total Chaos will be flammable, allowing fire to spread across a large area over time.


We’re working on adding petrol cans that can be carried with you, allowing you to pour a stream of flammable liquid to set up traps on unsuspected foes.


Here are some more screenshots of the project. Lately we’ve been using ReShade to apply bloom effects to the mod. We hope to release a modified configuration with the mod providing optimal performance.

2 thoughts on “October Arsenal Update

  1. Every new update fills me with excitement and glee. This one is no exception. The effects, the atmosphere, the artwork… Simply stunning. It’s a throwback to the “Doom Renaissance”. ❤

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