A weekend dedicated to something different


Every now and then we try and take some time away from our regular projects to do something different. Game jams are usually a good excuse for this, so last weekend Richie Jehan, Matt List and myself took part in the 48 hour long Asylum Gamejam.

Asylum Jam is a 48 hour long game jam where game developers are challenged to make a horror game and explore the genre without negative mental health or medical stereotypes.

The game we made is called Rising Fate, a game where you must escape an underground cave. Sounds easy right? How about the cave constantly fills with water.



Unlike Total Chaos, this is something you can download and play right now! A little taste of the kind of horror we’re in to.

Gamejolt and Download page

4 thoughts on “A weekend dedicated to something different

    1. All fine here, we posted a couple of images on our Facebook page, but nothing much to report on until end of March since we’re prototying a lot of mechanics.

      1. Thanks for the heads up. 😀 Good to hear that things are still going strong. Best wishes!

      2. Sorry to keep poking you like this, but it’s half way through May, and still no updates on this blog. You alright?

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