Whats being happening!?


Long time since an update. Thought I’d chime in on whats been going on with the mod.

Gameplay Prototyping

Lately there has been a ton of gameplay prototyping. We’re still working on getting the core gameplay loop to a state which is fun to play. We’re aiming to get a nice mix of horror set pieces and close quarters melee combat, the latter is being┬áthe most difficult to get right.



We’ve been working on tons of new enemies for the game. We started by creating a lot of humanoid like beings to fight, but deeper into the game we wanted to reveal many more abstract type enemies. What better place to start than with a screaming tree with eyes!

Open Alpha

We’re hoping to have an open-alpha sometime Q3-Q4 this year! We’ve been working on this thing in isolation for too long and want to get it in to the hands of the fans.

Our current goals are to release a 45 minute demo of what Total Chaos has to offer from most aspects, and would value your opinion on how we could craft the experience for the rest of the game.

More on this soon!