Whats being happening!?


Long time since an update. Thought I’d chime in on whats been going on with the mod.

Gameplay Prototyping

Lately there has been a ton of gameplay prototyping. We’re still working on getting the core gameplay loop to a state which is fun to play. We’re aiming to get a nice mix of horror set pieces and close quarters melee combat, the latter is being the most difficult to get right.



We’ve been working on tons of new enemies for the game. We started by creating a lot of humanoid like beings to fight, but deeper into the game we wanted to reveal many more abstract type enemies. What better place to start than with a screaming tree with eyes!

Open Alpha

We’re hoping to have an open-alpha sometime Q3-Q4 this year! We’ve been working on this thing in isolation for too long and want to get it in to the hands of the fans.

Our current goals are to release a 45 minute demo of what Total Chaos has to offer from most aspects, and would value your opinion on how we could craft the experience for the rest of the game.

More on this soon!


6 thoughts on “Whats being happening!?

  1. A good way of making melee combat is having large swing attacks that do high damage but leave you vulnerable for a bit of time to recover. That way you force the player to be cautious and reward them for taking risks.

    So basically Dark Souls.

  2. Looks amazing. Can’t wait to get my hands on it 🙂 .

    As for combat, I concur with the poster above, and also suggest having a look at Monolith’s Condemned: Criminal Origins. This horror/action-adventure game had a simple, but very functional (and brutal) melee combat system.

    Also, a little pet peeve of mine: It would be nice for once to see a game that does glass bottles right. First, glass doesn’t break that easily, especially not when you hit a soft target with it, so I’d argue that bottles should only break after prolonged use, like every other makeshift weapon in the game (so in order to turn a bottle from a blunt into a sharp weapon, the player would have to intentionally break it, e.g. by hitting it with a hammer or pointy rock). Second, swinging a bottle like a club looks pretty silly. It makes more sense to wield it like a blunt thrust weapon, jabbing it base-first at the enemy’s face. That just as a little suggestion on the side :-3 .

    • Condemned melee combat was functional but I feel that it was too simplistic. A few more moves and abilities would have gone a long way to reduce the monotony of the fights. Condemned 2 got that right but messed up everything else.

  3. Speaking of melee systems: I hacked together a melee system which tracked the approximate point of a 3d model sword in game-space during the course of the swing. Using a lot of state jumps I managed to make the sword visibly recoil off of map geometry and blocking actors at any point, like in Thief. Something like that might be worth considering for you guys!

  4. Man, for how long have you been working on this ? Can’t tell you enough how this look amazing. I’m really hoping that you’re going to release something this year !

    I’m trusting your judgement for the combat. I’m sure you will get this right.

    Just out of curiosity…Do you keep all your old prototypes ? Would love to see those in motion

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