Status Update #8: New Combat Gameplay!

Figured the last gameplay video showing off combat was a bit out of date. A lot has changed in the year or so that that thing was released, so here is 3 minutes of extended non-stop action.


The focus of the combat in Total Chaos is to use the environment as your weapon. If that be using traps in the arena, or finding weapons lying on the ground.

This gameplay demo shows the flexibly of the combat system. During conflicts, you will find various improvised weapons scattered around the area

Some lightweight and durable, at the cost of having a low damage output.
Some that deal hell of a lot of damage, at the cost of poor durability.

Choices on when to use these weapons comes down to the player.


We’ve also included a few seconds of the new Ticker enemy.

What we’re showing is still very WIP. Most of the animations and sound effects are placeholder. I was hoping to show a lot more with this video, like some of the new enemies like the Shadow Crawler and the Splitter, but there is still a lot I need to iron out on those guys before I can show them in action.

Of course, we’re still working hard at getting some stuff in your hands on October 30th (or 31st GMT+12), so be sure to check back again soon to see more gameplay videos before then.

Status Update #7: Alpha Date Set, finally!

No video this week unfortunately. A few things in the combat system have had to be revamped so some of the features we were hoping to display are not currently available. We’ll aim for next Friday’s update.


For now though, I’m happy to announce we’ll be going in Open Alpha this coming October!

It is finally here! After years and years of delays the mod will soon be available to download!

This alpha will feature the first half of the mod. What we’re hoping to get from it is feedback on the mods combat mechanics, which will help us shape the direction of the rest of the mod.

We’re expecting there to be roughly 1.5 – 2 hours worth of gameplay, but more info will be coming soon.

No word on system requirements as of yet, we’re still in the process of optimizing a few things. Should hopefully have something for you all soon.

At the moment, you will need the DOOM2.WAD to play this, as we have not yet conformed the mod to a standalone IWAD.

More info soon!

Status Update #6: New Friends

This week we’re announcing two new enemies, the Splinter and the Ticker.

The Splinter


The Splinter is an unfortunate one. Split in half by an unknown accidient, he lives his days stalking the island of Fort Oasis, flopping all over the place.

The Splinter is a more long range enemy and can hurl balls of bloody vomit, along with various other attacks.

The Ticker


The Ticker is one of the more frightening enemies in the Total Chaos ensemble.
Ticker’s will usually flood hallways from small crevasses all around, crawling down walls or out of pipes.

One moment you’ll be walking down a hallway and then BAM, 10 of these guys come crawling out of the walls!

Called the Ticker for the ticking sound it lets off, you’ll know when these guys are coming… and that its time to run.


New Gameplay!

We’ll be dropping another gameplay video for you all next week showing these guys in action. Not sure if it’ll make it for the Friday status update, but shortly after that.

Weekly mod updates from here on out!

We’re ramping up production on finishing Total Chaos. A game plan has been put in place to get the full Alpha ready by the end of this September!

Hoping to do weekly updates on the mods progress every Friday up until the mods completion, starting this week.

This Friday we’ll be showing you some more of a recently announced enemy, the Ticker.

Stay tuned!