Status Update #6: New Friends

This week we’re announcing two new enemies, the Splinter and the Ticker.

The Splinter


The Splinter is an unfortunate one. Split in half by an unknown accidient, he lives his days stalking the island of Fort Oasis, flopping all over the place.

The Splinter is a more long range enemy and can hurl balls of bloody vomit, along with various other attacks.

The Ticker


The Ticker is one of the more frightening enemies in the Total Chaos ensemble.
Ticker’s will usually flood hallways from small crevasses all around, crawling down walls or out of pipes.

One moment you’ll be walking down a hallway and then BAM, 10 of these guys come crawling out of the walls!

Called the Ticker for the ticking sound it lets off, you’ll know when these guys are coming… and that its time to run.


New Gameplay!

We’ll be dropping another gameplay video for you all next week showing these guys in action. Not sure if it’ll make it for the Friday status update, but shortly after that.

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