Status Update #7: Alpha Date Set, finally!

No video this week unfortunately. A few things in the combat system have had to be revamped so some of the features we were hoping to display are not currently available. We’ll aim for next Friday’s update.


For now though, I’m happy to announce we’ll be going in Open Alpha this coming October!

It is finally here! After years and years of delays the mod will soon be available to download!

This alpha will feature the first half of the mod. What we’re hoping to get from it is feedback on the mods combat mechanics, which will help us shape the direction of the rest of the mod.

We’re expecting there to be roughly 1.5 – 2 hours worth of gameplay, but more info will be coming soon.

No word on system requirements as of yet, we’re still in the process of optimizing a few things. Should hopefully have something for you all soon.

At the moment, you will need the DOOM2.WAD to play this, as we have not yet conformed the mod to a standalone IWAD.

More info soon!

2 thoughts on “Status Update #7: Alpha Date Set, finally!

  1. Se .Creador , lo felicito por hacer este juego , sobre todo que es un mod del DOOM , impresionante como un juego tan viejo puede emular este juego que es el Total Chaos , no se que mas decirle , agradecimientos y felicitaciones , hace 1 ½ año aproximadamente que sigo su desarrollo,me parece estupendo lo que logró , muchas gracias por su dedicación.Saludos desde Argentina

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