Status Update #9: Better late than never, sanity and a chat about Feature Creep

A bit late (by several days) on last weeks blog. Lately most of the work has been going into getting the levels prepped for the upcoming Alpha and working on some of the more core game mechanics.

Screenshots from last weeks video:

Here are a few screenshots from our last video, this is a section featured in the 2nd level of the mod, about 20 minutes in on the games story:

So what is the deal with the mods story? It is something we aren’t really ready to discuss, and I don’t think we ever will on this blog. We’re pretty excited about what we’ve got planned and we don’t want to spoil any of the details by going in to it. All I can say is, we want to give you, the player, that feeling of travelling down a rabbit hole, with only hints of where it will end up.

Progress on player sanity

Players sanity will play a large role in the mod. There is something on the island that is causing anyone near it to have their brains slowly fry. 10 minutes on the island will cause users to loose all sanity they have left.

The only way players can resolve this is by taking medication found on the island to raise their sanity meter, or to find safe zones which have some type of bedding to sleep on.

The longer you play, the lower your sanity will be. We’ve included a lot of shortcuts that can be unlocked around the island to allow players to return to their safe zone before all sanity is lost, and at the same time, not loose a lot of progress through backtracking.

Always be careful of your sanity. The lower the meter, the more you start to hear and see things. This is where more of the abstract and paranormal horrors await you.

The dreaded feature creep

Sadly, lately, we’ve had to make a few cuts that no longer fit the type of mod we were making. Crafting, which is something we were working on adding in to the mod, no longer seems to have a purpose.

We plan to have roughly 25-30 weapons in the mod, and sadly only very few of these are craft-able. In the end, we decided to take the crafting out of the mod for the time being, until (if ever) we find a use to bring it back, but it is not something we really want to focus on.

There will be exploring in the mod, but this will be to increase your inventory. The only way you can restore health, sanity (and lower hunger) in Total Chaos is to find health items in the world.

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