Enemy Bio #01

So I’ve come to a compromise on showcasing monster updates without getting too far into spoiler territory. We’re moving away from human like monsters now, and moving towards more messed up creations. More soon!

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Lack of posts….. again

Thought I’d post an update on whats been happening lately. Lets Plays There have been so many lets plays popping up lately. It has been enjoyable watching you all get scared at the right moments. Took a break I decided to take a break over the month of November to think over feedback from the Open […]

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Status Update #13: Alpha Post-mortem

Thank you all for playing the Alpha! We’ve managed to get a ton of great suggestions regarding improvements and fixes that can be made. Your feedback has been invaluable. Lets Play by ICARUSLIV3S Lets Play by IamKrabby There are still a lot of problems with the mod that need to be resolved over time, however I underestimated […]

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Open Alpha Release

Its here! Its finally here! The Total Chaos Open Alpha has dropped! After countless years of development we’ve finally reached a first major milestone! It has been a bumpy ride with many ups and downs. We have been fortunate enough to have a dedicated enough fan base to keep pushing us along and for that […]

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