Enemy Bio #01

So I’ve come to a compromise on showcasing monster updates without getting too far into spoiler territory.

We’re moving away from human like monsters now, and moving towards more messed up creations.


More soon!

Lack of posts….. again

Thought I’d post an update on whats been happening lately.

Lets Plays

There have been so many lets plays popping up lately. It has been enjoyable watching you all get scared at the right moments.

Took a break

I decided to take a break over the month of November to think over feedback from the Open Alpha. There have been a lot of great suggestions that have made me think over the rest of the mod.

Sanity and other mechanics

Sanity mechanics are currently the top priority, until jumping on to fixing up the combat mechanics.

Crafting will make a return, allowing players to fix broken weapons and apply modifiers to them.

Keeping weapons in your inventory

This has been a tricky one to decide on. It seemed players preferred been able to store their weapons rather than having them scattered around, so we may end up making it that you can store weapons, in exchange of having less of them scattered around the combat arenas.

This also works nicely with crafting, since players will be allowed to level up their weapons over the course of the mod.

Keeping things a little under wraps

From here on I want to keep some of the enemy designs under wraps to prevent spoilers. There is some creep stuff coming up, but I feel if I reveal them all here on the blog then it ruins their first encounter.

Whats happening in December

Throughout December I’ll be working on the sanity mechanics before jumping into combat iterations. The sanity mechanics will be a vital part of the games core gameplay loop, something that was not included in the Open Alpha.

There was a plan to release a 2nd alpha sometime this month, but I may hold off on this for the time being and push for releasing the beta instead, which is planned to be sometime next year, possibly Q2.

Thank you all for your patience. I’ll have some cool content coming to the blog very soon!


Status Update #13: Alpha Post-mortem

Thank you all for playing the Alpha! We’ve managed to get a ton of great suggestions regarding improvements and fixes that can be made. Your feedback has been invaluable.

Lets Play by ICARUSLIV3S

Lets Play by IamKrabby

There are still a lot of problems with the mod that need to be resolved over time, however I underestimated how many there would be. It will still be a while before the mod reaches an acceptable standard, but we’ll get there!

Combat woes

One of the biggest problems right now is the combat system. It needs quite an overhaul not only with general polish, but with potential mechanics too.

We feel we strayed away from our original intention to make something more fitting to survival horror, with the current state of things, the mod seems to be leaning more towards an action experience, which we feel isn’t quite working out as well as we hoped.

We want players to feel anxious, and to make combat encounters more meaningful and scattered.

Too many flickering lights!

Another problem was too many flickering lights, although, this one is an easy one to fix (just place less flickering lights). Not only did it become apparent this would be a safety concern to some players, but it has actually become more of an annoyance.

User front end problems

The 4:3 HUD resolution requirement is on the top of our technical problems list. We need to re-work the way the mod handles its camera and weapon view-model systems to get around this. It is also restricting use of some user preferences, like the ability of changing FOV.

Not enough pre-alpha testing

Ultimately, these failings come down to one thing… we didn’t do enough testing.

We only put out a first closed alpha test weeks before the open alpha release, even then we received input on critical problems with the mod.

Fortunately, this can all be resolved in time! We just need to throw a couple more months into dev time.

Lets Play by OfficerD82

From here

I’ll be making sure to update this blog weekly from here on out. I have also made a new page titled ‘Milestone Progression’ which (soon) will outline future deadlines and goals we hope to achieve over the next 8-12 months. The next immediate goal is to push out a 2nd alpha where we address as many of these problems as possible with the same two levels. This should hopefully be sometime in December if all goes well.


From there, the ultimate goal is to go Open Beta, which will be content complete! We hope to include all levels, story elements and game mechanics with this release, but it is still a wee bit off. We’re currently aiming for Q2 next year, but we want to make sure we get things right with this release, so it may end up being a ‘when its done’ thing.

We’ll be doing a lot of test builds for the Beta, but we want to do this behind closed doors to prevent story or gameplay spoilers getting out. We want the experience to be fresh when it drops.

If we do open tests before Open Beta, it may be in isolated instances or test maps.

For now, we’ll be keeping the current alpha online for anyone to download and play.
If anyone has any suggestions, we’re all ears! Feel free to post a reply to this or any threads on the blog, or you can flick me an email – wadaholic@gmail.com

Thanks for playing all!

Open Alpha Release


Its here! Its finally here!

The Total Chaos Open Alpha has dropped!

After countless years of development we’ve finally reached a first major milestone!
It has been a bumpy ride with many ups and downs. We have been fortunate enough to have a dedicated enough fan base to keep pushing us along and for that we are forever in your debt!

We hope you enjoy what we’ve been working on.
But the road does not stop here, there are still many more milestones to conquer, and we hope you follow us on this journey.

The alpha can be downloaded at one of the following links:

(Epilepsy warning! – this mod has a lot of flashing lights)

Mirror 1: MEGA.nz
Mirror 2: Hosted by Gajbotron (View his channel here!)

Please consult the FAQ and installation instructions here


This can be done inside the Video Settings under Options after you launch GZDoom.

If you don’t do this, Total Chaos will render in a square. Unfortunately Total Chaos isn’t currently optimized for any resolutions other than 16:9/10, so some stretching may happen on certain resolutions.


Welcome to Fort Oasis, an island filled with mystery and a horrid history waiting to be uncovered. The Open Alpha includes 2 of 6 levels that will feature in the full mod and is roughly 20-45 minutes in duration (depending on how you play)

  • A few things to note:
    This release is still in Alpha. A lot is yet to be optimized and there will be a couple of bugs here and there
  • We’re still polishing up a lot of stuff here, so nothing you see is considered final
  • The mod requires GZDoom to play, the latest version (found here) is recommended
  • The mod requires doom2.wad to play, we’re still working on stand-alone IWAD configurations
  • Motion Blur is currently disabled due to performance issues, potential release of this in a week or so
  • Sanity mechanics have been excluded from this release, we’re still balancing this feature
  • Some story elements are excluded (wall messages, some level placed letters, etc)

We hope you have fun playing the Alpha, please let us know what you think!

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