Lack of posts….. again

Thought I’d post an update on whats been happening lately.

Lets Plays

There have been so many lets plays popping up lately. It has been enjoyable watching you all get scared at the right moments.

Took a break

I decided to take a break over the month of November to think over feedback from the Open Alpha. There have been a lot of great suggestions that have made me think over the rest of the mod.

Sanity and other mechanics

Sanity mechanics are currently the top priority, until jumping on to fixing up the combat mechanics.

Crafting will make a return, allowing players to fix broken weapons and apply modifiers to them.

Keeping weapons in your inventory

This has been a tricky one to decide on. It seemed players preferred been able to store their weapons rather than having them scattered around, so we may end up making it that you can store weapons, in exchange of having less of them scattered around the combat arenas.

This also works nicely with crafting, since players will be allowed to level up their weapons over the course of the mod.

Keeping things a little under wraps

From here on I want to keep some of the enemy designs under wraps to prevent spoilers. There is some creep stuff coming up, but I feel if I reveal them all here on the blog then it ruins their first encounter.

Whats happening in December

Throughout December I’ll be working on the sanity mechanics before jumping into combat iterations. The sanity mechanics will be a vital part of the games core gameplay loop, something that was not included in the Open Alpha.

There was a plan to release a 2nd alpha sometime this month, but I may hold off on this for the time being and push for releasing the beta instead, which is planned to be sometime next year, possibly Q2.

Thank you all for your patience. I’ll have some cool content coming to the blog very soon!


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