Status Update #15: Crafting is back!

I thought I’d bring back crafting since there is a proper use for it now!

Collecting items in the game world can now be used to repair weapons, make food more platable, or to do some chemistry!

Use 1: Repair or strengthen weapons


Weapons can now be repaired once damaged/destroyed, if you can find the correct resources.

Hold on to that pickaxe you’ve found and take care of it, there may not be another one for a while!

Use 2: Combine experimental compounds


Throughout the island, certain compounds can be found and combined with each other to give you stat boosts.

Find scientific pages to find out which compounds to combine for optimal results. Combing the incorrect sequence of compounds could cause adverse effects…

Use 3: Make a sandwich!

Combine various foods around the island with bread and make a tasty meal!

Use 4: Circuit boards

Combing circuit boards with certain components can be used to craft special types of devices and weapons, such as timed dynamite detonators.


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