Alpha 2 Released!


After constant delays, our 2nd milestone has been reached!

Once again, thanks for your on going support.

Download – Requires doom2.wad and GZDoom
(Epilepsy warning! – Less flashy lights, but still a couple here and there)

Mirror 1:
Mirror 2: ModDB

This alpha originally was slated to focus on the technical side of the mod, but I’ve managed to squeeze in some extra content over the last week.

What to expect in this Alpha:

  • Native view rendering, resolves aspect ratio problems
  • Added new weapons and inventory items
  • New enemy reveal
  • Improved Brute/Drifter AI and animation
  • Persistent inventory between levels
  • Reduced amount of flickering lights
  • Cleaned up a lot of static meshes
  • Revamped combat system

A screenshot gallery of this Alpha can be found here (enemy spoilers):

Total Chaos Alpha 2 Gallery

Please email me if you come across any bugs while playing, or you can contact us via the official social media channels.

Thanks again, have fun!

9 thoughts on “Alpha 2 Released!

  1. Just played this. o.o Much better combat! I also really liked the feel of the inventory, this time around. My only real complaint is that I can’t seem to use the wood glue and parts to fix my weapons. That would be a welcome addition, in my opinion. All and all, I enjoyed it, and felt thoroughly creeped out. Cheers!

    1. Some people have slower internet connections. This makes it just that much faster to download, at the expense of having to do two whole clicks extra to use it. Personally, I don’t see the problem, and I have decent enough download speeds.

  2. Thank you so much for toning down the flickering lights! This time I was able to play through the whole thing and really enjoyed it. Only problem I had was the inability to drop items. I noticed a “throw” command in the controls menu, but it never worked for me. Am I missing something or has this feature just not been implemented yet?

    1. Cheers for playing! Dropping items will be something coming in the near future. Regarding the throw command, it used to be a feature with weapons you are holding, although this has since been scrapped, however this is not yet reflected in the controls menu.

  3. I keep getting the following error…

    Script error, “tc_super_alpha02b.pk3:actors/player/actions.txt” line 12:
    “player.viewbob” is an unknown actor property

  4. Not really a bug, but you can idkfa at any point, and iddqd/iddt after bringing up the map. The guns are blacked out for me, but still work.
    I also had to turn all the dynamic lighting options off and set it to the lowest number in order to play without lag. I am playing on older hardware though, so for most its probably fine as is.
    The items are also very hard to see [ie: keys and notes on tables]. Now, I only played as far as the second room [after flipping all the switches], because the flying dudes kept owning me lol! I saw on the moddb page that youre supposed to have a camera, so idk if its in the game and I just didnt progress far enough…or you havent added it yet…but I really think there needs to be some kind of flashlight or night vision on the cam to see some of that better. Either that, or just make some of the items contrast a bit more to their surroundings.
    Other than that, amazing work! When I get more time Ill play a bit more, and I am def looking forward to the finished product!!

    1. The original Doom weapons will all still work with cheats. Its fun to play that way sometimes 😀

      Switching off dynamic lights will make everything very dark as most of the mod relies in these. There are some stuttering issues with the newer versions of GZDoom but I believe this is due to the Skybox meshes rendering in a funky way. This should be fixed in the final release (which is very close).

      Cheers for the feedback.

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