Status Update #18: Ground Floor

Thought I’d post a batch of new screenshots from the level following Entryway, but first…


I’ve decided to push back releasing the mod by a month or two. The best I can aim for at this stage is late April/early May. As soon as the mod is ready and tested, I’ll set a release date.

Level 3 screenshots

The two levels released within the Alpha represent the entire underground of Fort Oasis. The rest of the mod (with the exception of the mines) will be above ground, exploring the streets, shops and living quarters of those who once lived on the island.

I was going for a more closed in feeling with these areas, drawing inspiration from the famous Hashima Island, mixed with a few places of my home town of Christchurch, New Zealand.

Lets Plays of Alpha 2

Over the past week a few lets plays of the latest alpha have appeared!

The state of Alpha 2b

I was hoping to release this last week, although I’ve delayed it for the meantime to see if I can fix up a few balancing issues. It seems I have made a few weapons a bit too weak…

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