Status Update #19: The Final Stretch

This time next week, Total Chaos will be complete.

It is a strange feeling getting to this point, after 10 years on and off, it has been a big part of my life. Everything I’ve learnt about making games came from this project, and it is hard to let it go into the wild.

There was a lot I wanted to do with this beast, quite a bit of content that didn’t end up making it into the last iteration, but if I tried to accommodate everything, then the mod will never get done.


After the mod is complete, I’ll be starting the closed-beta process, and if all goes well there, then the mod will be released in its entirety!

I think its safe to say that this will be the last blog post until then.

A few things I should mention:

  • Duration is roughly 2-3 hours, depending on your play style
  • Will require DOOM2.WAD to play in the meantime, will try and make it standalone in future updates
  • About 1.5-2GB in size, I am yet to create the final PK3 file so I am unsure of how large it will be
  • No official system requirements as of yet. It is safe to say if you can run the latest Alpha, then you should be able to run this
  • Currently only compatible with GZDoom

See you at the finish line!

5 thoughts on “Status Update #19: The Final Stretch

  1. i can’t run it. i’ve got “Script error, “tc_super_alpha02b.pk3:actors/player/actions.txt” line 12:
    “player.viewbob” is an unknown actor property” error message. what should i do?

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