Status Update #20 – Not Quite Done


I was hoping to be posting this update saying the mod is released, hurrah! Here is the download link….. however after doing a few play-tests, I feel we’re not quite there here.

Several problems arose after playing the mod from start to finish. A few mechanics, did not gel together as well as I was hoping, and I feel releasing the mod now with these half baked mechanics would only do harm to it.

I’ve decided to put a few more months work into the mod to get it up to a higher standard. Although it may be a slow burn.

All I can say, it will release this year, but with RL getting in the way of progress, I cannot put a proper release month on this yet. Could be next week, next month, August… I can’t quite say.

It is not all doom and gloom however. Soon, we will be doing some closed beta testing. I still need to figure out how we’re going to distribute this to you guys, so until then, stay tuned.