Status Update #21 – Hello again!

Been quite some time since the last update, but a lot has happened since then.

I took a few weeks off the project and reflected on the big picture. I saw a few pacing problems and the story I had attached to the mod wasn’t really working out as well as I thought it would.

Some of the new stuff:

Back to open world!

I saw a lot of people enjoyed the shortcuts that were in map 2, so I decided to connect (almost) the entire island up with interconnected passages. This wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It was done by taking advantage of ZDoom’s hub system.


This gave me the opportunity to add a central safe house like area. Somewhere to store excess in inventory and it even has a machine that can cure you of radiation exposure.

Speaking of radiation.

Sanity mechanics


These didn’t turn out too great…

There was going to be a proximity based sanity system where standing near some objects would cause the player to gradually go insane. Instead of removing this, I decided to add a radiation stat (which also ties in to some elements of the story).

Sanity still remains, however this is a more passive gameplay element. As you progress through the mod, old level layouts you thought you once knew will change on you. Some hallways will open, and close, and even bend in on themselves.

It is a bit hard to explain, but if you’ve ever seen the latest portal tech in newer ZDoom/GZDoom versions, you’ll know what I mean.

Weapon overhaul

A lot of the weapons have been completely reanimated from the ground up to allow support for multiple FOV settings.


There have also been a few extra weapons added to the roster.

There is also a shotgun now, an extremely limited use item that can only be found once. There are also a limited amount of shells for it.


I said earlier that I was aiming for a September release, however its more looking like end of October as a full open beta. I don’t expect there to be much difference between the beta and final release other than any glaring bugs that need to be resolved, so I’m happy to say it will be the full release.

All I can say is thanks for sticking with this. It has been a long haul but we’re almost there!