Total Chaos Released!


I just wanted to thank you all for following the project. You have all been very patient, and I hope it was worth the wait!


Download at ModDB

Standalone version (comes bundled with GZDoom and Freedoom, does not require the doom2.wad file!)

Standard version (PK3 files only)

Warning: Not recommended for anyone with a heart condition or who are prone to seizures.


Install Instructions

To play this build of Total Chaos, you will need:

  • Doom 2 (and the doom2.wad file that comes with it)
  • The latest version of GZDoom (which can be downloaded here:

To play, after you have installed GZDOOM and dragged the DOOM2.WAD file into the same directory, simply drag totalchaos.pk3 onto the GZDoom.exe.

Don’t drag all the PK3 files onto GZDoom, as there is a custom load order that is needed…

Performance Tips

Got stutters? It is HIGHLY recommended you enable Precaching.
This will front load the assets when you load a level, which will increase load times, but ultimately is a better experience.

This can be done by enabling Precache GL Textures under Texture Options, or by using the console command gl_precache 1.


Total Chaos – Releasing Halloween 2018!

A date has finally been set!

What is Total Chaos?

Total Chaos is a total conversion mod for Doom 2 that runs on the GZDoom source port. The mod is a survival horror set on a remote island known as Fort Oasis.

The island was once run by a community of coal miners which one day suddenly disappeared, leaving behind the abandoned concrete jungle to waste away.

Something, clearly, has gone very wrong with this place. Upon your arrival at Fort Oasis, you receive a strange radio transmission. Someone wants to he found.

The mod with the assistance of the source ports introduces many new graphical features, including 3D models and high resolution textures.

You will need Doom 2 to be able to play the mod, along with the latest version of GZDoom.