Status Update #22: An update of some sort

It’s been a while since I have posted anything.

There have been some massive strides in progress. So much has changed, and soon it will be in all of your grubby mits.

Next week, I’ll be posting an update in regards to a release date for the mod.

For now, dont fret. We arent dead. Here are some more screenshots for proof:


2 thoughts on “Status Update #22: An update of some sort

  1. Hi, great news, great works, awesome engine push to the limit. As a 40 year old player, I can tell is really nice. Cannot imagine doom can be like that…
    When I play the demo found on moddb, I notice that you can have the standard weapons if you use the IDKFQ cheat 😉 I also notice “spider” something stuck in walls and objects seems a little big.
    Things I would like to see :
    blood, dismemberment (booth like in brutal doom)
    alien motion tracker
    breaking lights
    hidding locker
    more weapons (you don’t go on such place with only your underwear ;-))
    some still working electronic devices with information (like old computer in fallout), it can also include VHS video of what append caught by security camera
    more scene where there too much ennemy and you just have to run to escape, like activating an elevator to find it crowling of bad guys just waiting the door to open… I also remember a resident evil movie scene with a water filled room where bad guys were waiting for the water to be flush away…
    Keep the good work, you really kick 🙂

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