Status Update #23: So far so good…

Thank you all for downloading Total Chaos. So far, the mod is at roughly 1688 downloads and counting! We also got to #2  PEAKED AT #1 on the ModDB charts!

Many bugs have popped up, one of them being the item duplication bug. This is currently in the process of being patched out.


The plan going ahead from here is to put out an update next week that fixes most of the bugs found. I’m also working on some quality of life changes…

Stacking Items
I will be getting this functionality back up and running. Some items in Total Chaos can be stacked, but not all of them. The goal is to get most small items to stack, stuff like stimpacks and medkits. Weapons will not be stackable.

Keys in the next update will be removed after use. If it is a key that requires multiple uses (like the Master Key), this will remain in your inventory.

Crafting/combining items
A new system for this will be introduced next week. Something that streamlines the whole process. The old system will also be available. It will be toggled via a menu.

Compression and better performance
This right now is a might happen. There are a lot of optimizations that can be done to the mod to prevent stutters, but it would be ignorant of me to think this can be fixed in a week. I’ll see how I go on this one…

The Future

Going ahead with the mod, the immediate updates will only be bug fixes, but I am hoping to have some extended content available before the end of the year.

I am not sure what this extended content will be as of yet, but at the moment it is looking like an extra chapter or two containing what was cut from the game. This will include a new monster and a couple of new weapons.

The following year, there will be a few extra content updates, including a survival mode with a more open environment, and more gameplay modifiers that up the ante.



Sometime next week, I will be starting a write-up on a post-mortem for the project.

Loads of juicy details here, including information about what just happened during the 10 or so years it has taken to get the mod to this point.

Custom Maps

We would love to see your custom maps! Sometime next week, I will post guides on how to create your own custom maps for Total Chaos. If you have created something and want to show us, you can chuck me an email at

For now…

Have fun! Get spooked and Happy Halloween!

8 thoughts on “Status Update #23: So far so good…

  1. Please make the number count of items in the inventory screen more visible, I cannot read the number amount of an item such as bandages, cigarettes, etc, it’s too small and the color white just camouflages with the item icons hence I can’t tell how many uses I have left of an item. Also, some items such as the shiv won’t let me craft, I place all the required items but cannot craft any. Lastly, some of those jump scares with the twitching bodies glitch out and stay on forever until you reach a certain point to trigger them off, I’m sure these are just intended to trigger for 1 sec or so. Awesome mod, or more like a game at this point, incredible graphics and gameplay, I’ve been visiting your site constantly for an update since beta 1 and I’m so happy you released it!

  2. Iv’e played this game for a couple horrors now. I think the changes planned are much needed, and greatly appreciated, but I think there’s a lot more that can be done. A game with this level of visual fidelity being made using Doom 2 is an achievement in its own right, but I think there’s a truly great stand alone experience stuck underneath some choices made out of a false idea of what makes a game “realistic”, something that I would say has little to no place being in a mostly linear horror experience as opposed to an open world survival game.
    I wrote out a bunch of examples of issues iv’e had over the first couple hours, as well as some basic and some not so basic suggestions on what could be done.

    1. Cheers for the write-up.

      The mod is very heavily inspired by MISERY.
      Improving the weapon balance and explaining their stats a little more from inside the inventory is on the cards. There will be slight improvements to this with the upcoming update, but it may take a bit longer to get them to a state I am happy with.

      The plan is to have weapons or to-be-crafted-weapons show their damage stats with numbers, and to have them be compared with what you currently have equipped in your weapon slot. Descriptions will also be available before you craft an item, so you know what you are committing to.

      I do agree the item usage is a little messy when it comes to balancing stats. I will consider looking into improving these a little (lowering the downsides potentially, maybe make it Difficulty based). No quick fix in the works for this as of yet.

      Responding to your list.

      1. Good idea, I’ll see if I can get something like this in a future update.
      2. Should hopefully be coming soon.
      3. This one shouldn’t be too hard.

      The slightly more tricky ones.

      1. Sometime near the end of this year/next year I’ll be looking into something like this. There was always an intention to get some kind difficulty system in there. Will work on getting the rest of it balanced before I hit this one.
      2. I’ll have to think about this one.
      3. Hoping to have a combat focused update sometime this year. The weapons right now feel a bit too samey.

      Some good suggestions here, will try my best to get them implemented.

  3. Love this new mod. Do you think you might try to get compatibility with Android GZDoom?
    D Touch, or Delta Touch is the best known up to date android Zdoom, maybe the only one. I know your mod would look great on my Tab2 screen.

    1. We will have to see, we are working on a retro/downrezzed version of the mod which may be a bit more compatible with mobile devices. The size of the mod right now is a little too high to make it mobile friendly.

  4. I’ve just finished the game and it was an absolutely incredible experience both in terms of story telling and atmosphere, the world and details looked almost unreal given that the game was built from an extensively modified Quake Engine.

    Even though I still have some issues mostly regarding the inventory system. The biggest bummer to me is probably the size of all weapons taking 6 slots despite being no where as small or as big. For better inventory balancing, here’s what I think can actually improve it:

    – Small weapons (i.e Knife, Pistol,…) = 4 slots
    – Medium weapons (i.e Hammer, Cleaver,…) = 6 slots
    – Large weapons (i.e Shotgun, Sledgehammer,…) = 8 slots

    I didn’t have much of an issue with other items other than stat balancing but given that you guys are already improving it, there’s not much I can say.

    At the end of the day, this game deserves all of its recognition among the DOOM community, you guys have earned it. Looking forward to Wadaholic’s next project.

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