Status Update #24: Update 2 Progress

Greetings! An update on the future version below, but first…


A big thanks to you all for downloading and playing the mod. Reception has been pretty damn good. Loads of great feedback has been coming in, and hopefully I’ll be able to address most of it as the year goes on.


The majority of the stutters have been greatly reduced! Along with this (thanks to texture compression), the file size of the mod has been reduced by over 1GB in filesize.

If you had troubles running the mod due to memory usage, the next update might be worth checking out.

Along with the performance fixes, the next update includes:

  • Experimental camera motion blur
  • Enemy attacks no longer penetrate walls
  • Internal asset cleanups (mainly for modding support)
  • Streamlined mod support through the launcher
  • Shotgun shells are now stack-able


A word about staggered content

The plan last week was to release a content update before the end of the year. It is looking like it will be a survival-type game mode at this stage.

I originally was planning on an expansion chapter, but the more I think about this, I feel it would benefit you all more if it was bundled into something a bit more significant.

If the content were staggered with release, there could be a problem with fatigue in playing through the mod. The plans with this is to release something early next year, potentially March. A trailer should be out early next month about what this content will be.

Its sounding pretty awesome at this stage.

More on that shortly.

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