1.0 and voting for Mod Of The Year 2018

ModDB Mod of the Year 2018

The search for mod of the year has begun over at ModDB!
Voting has opened, and if you felt Total Chaos deserved to have yours, you can click on the link below:

Mod of the Year Awards

1.0 is near!

We are nearing the release of Total Chaos 1.0. This would not be possible without all of your feedback. I’ve tried to address as much of your feedback as possible, and it has really helped to shape Total Chaos to be a far better experience.


The update is expecting to release on the 4th of December. Here is a list of some of the features coming to this update:

Headline features coming to 1.0

  • New Game+ Mode, including a new NG+ specific enemy type and weapon
  • Several enemies have added attack patterns
  • Brutes can now throw bottles and rocks at you
  • Long Legs can now run
  • The majority of weapons have had animation improvements
  • Several animations on the Brute have been redone from scratch
  • Decimal based weight system and updated weight stats
  • Mod support added to launcher
  • Inventory size doubled
  • Tightened up enemy attack hit-boxes
  • Shotgun shells now stack
  • Re-balanced usage stats on various items
  • And much more!

Retro Version!

Sometime this month, a lite/retro version of Total Chaos will be released! This version will have reduced texture resolutions and polygon counts, it will also reduce the object count across the entire mod.


This version is designed to work on lower spec’d machines, but will also feel like it came straight from the 90’s!

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