NG+ Trailer

4 thoughts on “NG+ Trailer

  1. Hi there ,great job!.Unfortunately im having some issues with the version 1.0 of this mod .I somehow feel it has a conflict with windows defender .A save game of mine was also wiped clean .So have to start a new game from fresh .What is happening here im clueless .The previous November release worked fine though .Any troubleshooting in this regard would be well appreciated. Thanks

  2. I have an issue with the version 1.0 of the mod .When ever i fix the VIDEO settings to play this mod according to my pc specs .After a short play through and saving .When i exit the mod and try to run it again .After loading the save game .I face a black screen in which i can only hear the sounds and nothing else .I recently tried to run it again after allowing the application in windows defender . And my save game was not there anymore .Need help please with this issue .

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